M3D Immersive Demos

During I/Itsec, Team M3D is hosting cutting-edge technology Mixed Reality Simulator demonstrations at the m3d production lab. Reserve your slot below.



Multi-modal Immersive Reality training solutions

Virtual Reality aircraft maintenance trainer

Rocket launcher training simulator

digital twin walkthrough and avatar creation

Team M3D Demonstrations

Team M3D is hosting live demonstration of immersive AR/VR/XR simulators, VR integrated Aircraft Maintenance Tools, VR Rocket Launcher Trainer, ar/xr visualization, 3D Modeling and Digital Twin Capabilities,  XR special effects integration, advanced Haptic technology, and AI Large Language Model capabilities.


Choose from one of our 10 demo slots available throughout the week of IITSEC

Demos will be 2-hours in length, including roundtrip travel from the convention center

M3D Production Lab

9460 Delegates Drive Orlando, FL


Shuttle provided to and from the M3D production lab (5-7 minute drive)

Pickup location

In front of the main entrance of the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center

Who's Participating?