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M3DVR COMPANIES is a Central Florida-based VR/AR design and production group focused on creating innovative and customized simulation solutions for Military, Healthcare, Commercial Workforce Training, and Entertainment.



When it comes to Virtual and Augmented Reality, appearances matter. With over 25 years of combined experience in Visual Effects, Motion Capture, 3D Modelling, and Virtual Reality and Gaming Development, our team is adept at creating mixed reality environments and experiences that are truly visually-appealing, interactive and immersive.
Interested in discussing your VR/AR project idea? Call +1 (407) 637-5876 or email info@m3dvr.com to schedule a consultation with our team. We handle projects of all sizes and requirements.
Below are some examples of our previous work, including a to-scale replica of Stonehenge (U.K) – modelled from the ground up using satellite imagery.


We are always looking for new and exciting hardware technologies to implement into our client’s projects, and we have access to some of the best.
Whether your simulation or training project requires a unique motion platform, haptic gloves, sensor-based shoe inserts, custom trackers and IMUs, tool-shaped handheld controllers, or some other specialized hardware to make your experience more immersive and realistic, our team will find what you need and take care of the integration.

M3DVR is also proud to be an authorized dealer of the Infinadeck, the only true omni-directional treadmill. Infinadeck. To request a virtual or in-person (Orlando, FL, USA) demo of our custom-built VR environments on the Infinadek, please call our office at +1 (407) 637-5876.

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Call +1 (407) 637-5876 or email info@m3dvr.com to get in touch with our team.